Livestock Watering Solutions: Tanks and Pumps

Watering livestock in the desert is a complex operation, especially for large herds. Ensuring your animals have access to fresh water throughout the day (and night) requires planning and an investment in top-quality equipment.

Roswell Livestock & Farm Supply carries the watering equipment you need and the services that can improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your watering operations.

Watering Equipment We Carry

Roswell Livestock & Farm Supply carries everything you may need for livestock watering:

  • Troughs and open tanks
  • Storage tanks
  • Pumps
  • Solar systems

Our product selection includes watering tanks for all types/sizes of animals and herds.

Watering Services We Offer

Our team can help you implement customized watering solutions on your farm or ranch. We have the expertise to:

  • (Re)Design a watering system
  • Troubleshoot and repair your existing watering system
  • Inspect and test water pumps
  • Install a watering system, including tanks, pumps and solar systems

We also assist with wells rehabilitation and windmill conversion.

Benefits of Working with Us

Roswell Livestock & Farm Supply is the best choice for all your farm and ranch needs in Southeastern New Mexico and not just because of our location. Roswell Livestock & Farm Supply offers what our local and national competitors can’t:

  • Commitment to quality—we only carry products that have a proven reputation for durability
  • Convenient watering equipment delivery—we coordinate with watering equipment manufacturers to direct-deliver oversize items to your farm or ranch

Get the watering solutions you need and spare yourself the drive. Contact us to learn more about our watering equipment and services.

Get the watering equipment and services you need for your Southeastern New Mexico farm or ranch. Call or visit Roswell Livestock & Farm Supply.