Lawn & Garden Supplies for Your Southeastern New Mexico Home

The same place you go for farm and ranch supplies is the same place that carries everything you need to keep your home lawn and garden beautiful—Roswell Livestock & Farm Supply.

Lawn and Garden Irrigation


Roswell Livestock & Farm Supply carries a variety of watering systems for manual or automated lawn and garden irrigation. Our selection of sprinkler systems include:

  • Square-pattern sprinklers
  • Oscillating sprinklers
  • Metal sled sprinklers
  • Level-spray sprinklers*
  • Drip systems

* Level-spray sprinklers are recommended for optimal water conservation.

We also carry materials for drip irrigation systems as well as durable garden hoses, spray nozzles and timers.

We have a lot of irrigation know-how on our team. If you have questions about installing or repairing your irrigation system, just ask.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance and Nutrition

Our selection of lawn and garden products includes the tools you need for upkeep:

  • Hoes
  • Rakes
  • Shovels
  • Loppers
  • Nut gatherers

We also carry multiple Miracle-Gro formulas to nourish your lawn, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

To keep unwanted pests and weeds at bay, we carry pesticides and herbicides from top brands, including Roundup and Bayer Advanced Lawn & Garden Products.

Top Quality Lawn and Garden Products

The same care we put into selecting top-quality farm and ranch products goes into choosing the products we carry for lawn and garden. Our shelves are stocked only with brands known for durable performance, like:

  • Rain Bird
  • Nelson
  • Gilmour
  • Orbit
  • Fiskars

To check prices and availability for any lawn and garden product, please contact us.