Purina Certified Expert Dealer

“We carry the feed, supplements and other nutrition products needed for healthy livestock at any age.”

As our name implies, Roswell Livestock & Farm Supply carries the feed, supplements and other nutrition products needed for healthy livestock at any age. We carry livestock feed for:
  • Horses
  • Cattle
  • Swine
  • Goats
  • Sheep
Feed for each livestock type includes products formulated for newborns and young animals, show and senior animals. Some livestock feed is available in medicated formulas to address seasonal and/or other common health concerns. Please note, we also carry feed for animals that are not typically considered livestock, such as turtles, llamas, deer and, of course, family pets.

The Benefits of Buying from a Purina Certified Expert Dealer

In addition to carrying locally grown bulk feed and hay, we also carry livestock feed from top brands—Hi-Pro and Purina. We are a Purina Certified Expert Dealer, which means our team receives continual training from Purina about their product lines. Because we are in constant contact with Purina representatives, we have the latest news about formula changes and/or new products. Our product expertise translates to notable benefits for you, including:
  • Knowledgeable product recommendations
    We can help you find the livestock feed formulated for your animals’ age, purpose and medical condition. We know about each products’ blends and nutritional content, so you can trust our recommendations.
  • High quality, affordable price
    High-quality feed is essential to livestock performance and production, so that’s what we offer. And because we know that cost-effectiveness is essential to successful operations, we offer high-quality feeds at an affordable price.
Our relationship with Purina also allows us to special-order any product they make and coordinate direct shipping of bulk orders to your farm or ranch.

Please contact us or visit our store to learn more about livestock feed delivery options and explore our selection of livestock supplies. Contact us for recommendations or delivery of top-quality livestock feed from Purina.