Good fences make good neighbors, in part, because they keep your livestock where they should be. Roswell Livestock & Farm Supply carries the good fence you need to confine your livestock, backyard flock and companion animals.

About Priefert Fencing

Roswell Livestock & Farm Supply proudly carries Priefert Fence, a name trusted by farmers and ranchers across the nation.

Priefert no-weld fencing outlasts all other types of fencing, including wood, wire and vinyl. All-steel components are powder-coated for enhanced appearance and durability.

Your Fencing Solution

You need more than just top-quality fencing materials to get the right fence for your farm or ranch. You also need to have enough materials and make sure your fencing is installed correctly so that it provides durable performance.

Roswell Livestock & Farm Supply provides the assistance you need. Our knowledgeable team can help by:

  • Calculating the quantity of fencing you need
  • Coordinating manufacturer-direct delivery
  • Consulting with you about fencing installation to ensure you have sufficient solid and drilled posts, each adequately spaced

We have post hole diggers and other equipment that can help make fencing installation easier.

Before you start any fencing project, contact us. We are farmers and ranchers, so our team offers a wealth of experience that can make your task easier.

Get the quality fencing you need for your Southeastern New Mexico farm or ranch. Call or visit Roswell Livestock & Farm Supply.